Petra Kallio

Petra Kallio

MA Artist, Printmaker, Art Educator

Petra Kallio works with many printmaking methods: traditional woodblock printing, mokulito, lithography, wood engraving, etching and mezzotint. She has chosen to spend her career building her skills and pushing technical boundaries by working with old techniques and bringing them to our time with a new twist.

All techniques complement each other in Petra Kallio’s work, and she has been able to match her background as a goldsmith and a designer of hard materials like wood, metal, glass and stone, to her way of working. The time Petra Kallio has spent studying, engraving, drawing and printmaking in different schools, has had a strong effect on her work. Kallio enjoys studying carefully the old techniques spending lot of time immersing herself in the old masters works.

She prints mostly with only few colors, or just black, and uses all kinds of grounds to print on from handmade paper to textile, veneer, birchbark or old handmade folklore artifacts. Petra Kallio has worked with themes like momentariness of life or its fragility. A new motive after these is now eternity.

Kallio has recently begun to focus on woodcuts and specifically on wood engravings on hard wood like apple, pear or juniper. She prefers to use blocks from Finnish fruit trees instead of wood from abroad, since Finland is a country of forests.